Saturday, July 2, 2011

My Aspiration.. Wishes waiting for me to be focused on..

Stop being a loser, grow up and get along with situations.. 

Every person on this planet has some passion for something.. some dedication.. some desire.. some wishes they are wanting to accomplish.. Will it be fulfilled on its own? NO! To earn something, you be a slave of your dreams, because without the aid of your own self, you accomplish; you achieve nothing but the sole word L. Loser am supposing ! Just like every person, I have this everlasting vision to be a known personality.. A personality which is out of Media 24/7.. A fact - Media is a piece of shit i assume, which likes to get you famous and on the verge of elimination.. What would be the point of success forever when its ending sometime soon?? I would want to be a name which makes a difference in this world, a legend which would never diminish.. a name of power.. Latika Sareen !!

Even though there be narrow line of community who want golden lines of your name, not everybody expects the same.. That small number of clan is your awakening.. your desire to be pushed.. My encouragement.. my assistance lies in the words.. the words which carry the factor of being affected.. That is my approach..

Dancing, Writing & Singing are my hardcore Passions.. My elation, my Ecstasy is in these heavy words which aid me to work.. work harder & earn my status in this shrewd world.. To be appreciated by those helpless people.. for whom i would be a source of Enthusiasm, Creativity.. Life..
I am inspired by those T.V dance shows, by those people in it who toil to the fullest just to be praised once by those legends, the humans who get MAD for what they have been just glancing at.. Their motives in this short span of time.. I am inspired by those Writings, those speeches declared by Known Personalities.. Ones who distincted their selves from others. Some are at lofty heights today and some - still toiling day and night to stretch their arms upto the target they have in mind..

Having the feel to be one of them is another achievement. Or am i too late in commencing afresh?  Only 19! 19 and new goals are being formulated.. which are on the side to click me and scream; "You have to do it, You get to set the conclusion, do not leave the paragraphs behind.. Get on with life and do the goddamn thing you have been wanting to.. " Having such notion in mind is what setting me for.. I believe I have to do it.. Since I wana be a master in Singing, Dancing and Writing.. Attaining it would be intricate however, surviving the storm is my goal now.. Not only Enduring it, but bending it down would be a dispute..
Someday.. This unknown, with extreme concepts would be "somebody" in this world.. The one to be seen mentally..

These Words would continue being dynamic to every individual and attain what they have their delight in..
After being a graceful Dancer, a flawless singer, and a collected writer.. wont life be all set?? I mean, ha ha would imply to be a non ending chimera..

"There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it." - Edith Wharton 
Wont give up.. The dominant words stay still.. and me, just two steps ahead of my thinking.. because my goal is to be reached.. my goal.. is still to be earned.. 


  1. a culmination of thoughts and ideas that have been simmering in your mind waiting to be let out at the first given opportunity? You want 2 make it big? something that you believe will bring about a change?
    here is it. I give you one more perspective. I want 2 be mediocre. An also-ran but who is happy. I don't seek any fame, money or adulation. All i seek is the peace of mind and a feeling of happiness that makes every moment of my life worth living for, worth fighting for!
    I seek to create a difference. yes! Yes I do..and if i am able to achieve even 1% of wht i set out to when i was 16,I would be the happiest man on the planet..

  2. yah, a change which transforms my life.. a passion which gets me in trance.. a change.
    i just want my name to be amongst those legends who never died..

    I respect your formation of mental objects..its very much the serenity in your observation.. Beautiful.. Lively ! Get what you been in search for.. attain it

  3. legends who never died..hmmm..yes i hav nt given up on wht i wanted..n wnt give up.. :)