Thursday, July 14, 2011

Its hard bidding farewell to people or..

Just like everyday, i end up being there at 10am.. to make sure that the person i have taken charge of is in the pink of her health.. but how would she be when ... when everything is happening the opposite?
Not a job but more likely a responsibility .. how awkward is it that some strangers happen to be a darling to you, whereas some dear ones, make you see the transformed word "dear" by them.. What a world.. what a world..
This Clan is never going to modify.. same thoughts.. same criteria.. same conclusions.. What a world!!

But when i gaze at her, questioning my own self that the lady who was so audacious, so daring is on the verge of demise herself today, i end up getting goosebumps. Life is so short.. so unpredictable... a moment a person's sitting with you cuddling, conversing and the other moment.. you are collapsed.. Just like headlines in the newspaper everyday, why cant the tag be formed on people.. Its insane, pondering over stuff like your whole life with one person, and just another minute, you end up crying for whatsoever happened.. Why??

She doesn't know she has Cancer.. and i am helpless.. cant say nothing.. However when i see her saying "I am in pain dear".. Tears roll down my eyes, convincing myself that i ll set her okay.. saying to myself that i understand, aunt, but i just don't want you to know what illness you are suffering from.. You might not have the audacity to live that single day that you been living until now after knowing it..

I aid her.. I cook for her.. I don't let her work.. I will be the person working for her day n night.. But the only thing i demand in return is for her to be bold.. and fight back life.. Coz you may die today, but that stamina and that spirit you live with , never dies..

I ll carry on with my work.. but for the ones who are fighting against this heinous disease have courage, you people should be proud of yourselves that you have accomplished what you came into this world for.. Even though your journey is ending, you should be glad your life was just as fun as a normal person now would be living.. don't frown.. you have cherished what you have had.. and now, its time to differ.. Soul in peace..

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