Sunday, July 17, 2011

Human Monk-ey!!

    How does it feel to be a monkey once in your human life and do everything that a monk-ey could do? LOL! Naah, not really giggling however me, the precious one would love to try it..
I mean how would the experience be?? I can't just stop tinking (new slang) about it..

JUST IMAGINE..!! Me on a tree.. and Raffia flashing the light for shots.. ha ha.. 
Cant wait.. You could say that I am so wanting to do that.. Aahahahahah.. Tree Tree. 
But if I fall.. I wudn't have regrets because I  would have completed my goal ;).. 

If you actually set the vision for it, its fascinating, lively.. vicious.. wohoooo.. 
Being a monk-ey wont be bad for me.. to say that in simpler slang.. CANT BE BAD FOR ANYBODY.. Coz its a passion too.. lol.. to be a human monk-ey.. Think About it.. 

Could be an Aim too if you see.. ha ha.. Would fulfil it soon Amigos/Amigas.. Waiting, Waiting to climb a tree.. I see!! 

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