Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I fathom 'Us'.. I do..

      You have been close to me,
Its only you who have been;
Its me who fathom, I do
But how do I do it irrespective of the absence..

I fathom us composed;
Hand in hand
Glaring at each other;
with engrossed in thoughts..

As we come closer,
we lean, we kiss;
To feel the soul,
& give ourselves a thought..

I fathom, I do of us interacting
the day we have been waiting for;
To get along; to communicate without words
To know each other even more so that no qualms hold the place..

We are one; 1 soul 
However my love will be increasing with time just like -
The messages on everyday basis;
the letters, the stories we have created;
Symbolize something uncommon..

Dont you fathom us together?
Hand in hand;
Glaring at each other;
with engrossed in thoughts?

We desire each other, 
Our future's one..
You dont need to be worried..

I see us one in every circumstance
But how would i do it by myself without you?
Fantasizing is only what i do..  
With you... However only with you..!! 

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